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This program is a joint venture of the WAWM Family Resource Center and the WAWM Chamber of Commerce.
How We Can Help…….

Behind every Military Member, there is a Family. In our community, we now have a program that brings those families to the forefront. Operation: Families First is an innovative program in West Allis/West Milwaukee that will provide military families with a connection to local resources, benefits information, updates on military specials, outreach to schools, literature, special events and activities and support groups. This program will also recognize and honor the Military Members and Veterans from our community at an annual event.

Who is Family?

WAWM Operation: Families First considers spouses, parents, siblings, significant others, grandparents and anyone else who has someone they love in the Military to be “family.” Some programs and “benefits” may be for specific family members.

How to Register…..

Click here to download and print PDF form.

Or you may register via email at wawmmilfams@earthlink.net or by sending in a response card that can be found at any of the WAWM Schools and at all West Allis and West Milwaukee City Buildings (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Police Dept, City Hall, Health Dept, etc.).

Contacts: Joanie Luedke & Diane Brandt

WAWM Chamber of Commerce (Operation: Families First)
7447 W. Greenfield Avenue
West Allis, WI 53214